Everyone loves a freebie!!

I have to admit... I am honestly one of those people that would really rather GIVE... than receive... so I guess I just have to keep going with my instincts... and give a little more! lol

I've got a new freebie in the store... If you like it, please tell me... because I really do like making these... and I'd love to create more!

and if you'd like a BEAUTIFUL Freebie kit... please stop over to the CreativeMundi Blog and grab your FREE kit... before it's gone!!

New Products, a reminder… and a Freebie too!

Oh, boy... it sure is getting closer... isn't it?! My kids are super-excited for Christmas this year! The cookies are all made... the snow is falling... and we've started the *countdown*!

I've just added a couple of new products in the store...

Happy Chanukah

Star Trio

I also wanted to remind you about the great promotion that's going on in the store now!!

and last but not least.... I've got a freebie for you!!

Grungey Overlays

Thanks for reading!!

MoeJoe :)

P.S. There's still time to enter the contest from the other day.. You can find out how by clicking HERE

AND... I'll be putting up at LEAST 1 more freebie tomorrow!

NEW Commercial Use Items & Freebies too!!

I’ve uploaded a TON of NEW COMMERCIAL Use items in the store… ALL of them are only $1.00! We also have a NEW Freebie… and you still have a chance to grab 3 other Freebies, if you haven’t already… because they’ll be going away VERY soon!!

           Designer Mix Ribbons             

Vintage Christmas Trinkets

           Nativity Set 1

              Nativity Set 2       

            Christmas Town

            Christmas Mix

                Christmas Lights       

               Beautiful Buttons

and don’t forget… Dream’s Pieces has 2 fabulous CU items in her store… for $1.00 & $1.99!

           CU Designer Mix 1           

      CU Designer Mix 2

Americo still has his *Bob Bluerry and Ernest Greevich* Freebie available for you to grab (this is just TOO cute! You won’t want to miss it!!)

I still have my Freebie Cross (PU) and my Freebie Christmas Glitter Alpha available (only for a short while longer though!!). Here’s your links to those Freebies…

              Freebie Cross                   

      Christmas Glitter Alpha

and LAST… but NOT least! I have ANOTHER NEW Freebie for you!!
Grab your FREEBIE *Christmas Village* HERE!!

Thanks for *listening*!!
MoeJoe :)

a WHOLE lotta shakin' goin' on! + a freebie!!

Well, I've been SUPER-busy since my last post!  I've got a BUNCH of goodies to show you!  (stick around, and you'll get a freebie!)

I've started making some CU items... here's what I have in my store:

Here are my newest kits... (and the matching QPs for Cafe Holiday)


Thanks so much for taking a look!

and now for your freebie!!!


Can you believe this?!  I know *I* can't! lol 

I've got ANOTHER new kit that I'd like to show you!

I'm just LOVING the colors in this one!  It was SO much fun to make!  It's on sale right now at the store... so pop in and take a look around!

Here's the link to the store:

and the preview:

Ho Ho Holiday... AND a FREEBIE!!


There's been a BUNCH of things happening since I last posted... (I know, I'm super-bad at blogging! lol)

I guess the BIGGEST *happening* is... my bestest friend and her hubby... opened their store... "Creative Mundi"... AND... have started me on my dream of being a designer! 

My newest kit that I have out is... Ho Ho Holiday (hence the title of this blog! pretty original... eh?! lol)

Here's a preview:

I also have ANOTHER kit... which is super-cute (if I do say so myself!), called "Happily Ever After"... the preview:

NOW... onto the freebie!

Cintia (Dream's Pieces) and I have done a Thanksgiving Freebie Collab! 

Here's a look at the kit:

(there are several other freebies in the store... so take a look around!!)

My disappearing blog! LOL

Okay... so I changed the background and THIS happends! EVERY post I've posted... is now... GONE!

The WEIRDEST part of it is... I have an Ipod touch - and had my blog address in it... when I click on it in my Ipod - I can see the ORIGINAL blog (pre-background-change blog, I mean! lol)... SO... Here's the copy/paste from my Ipod! (yet ANOTHER reason to love my Ipod!!)

(I'll revise it later with the pics that it's missing!)

I think deep down inside me... I'm a RESEARCHER. I get it naturally, I think... I can remember as a little girl... gazing with wonderment at my Daddy as he looked through the pages of *Consumer Reports*.
He ALWAYS did it at the dining room table... because THIS was SERIOUS business. Daddy worked hard for the money he made... and he always wanted to get whatever the BEST was, that he could afford. Whether it be a stove, TV or phone... I don't remember exactly how old I was when I started watching him... but I remember that I couldn't read! lol So that was pretty little!

I am also a bargain hunter. I got THIS from my Mom. Like I said before... my Daddy worked HARD for the money he made... one of the reasons he worked so hard... was for my Mom. He wanted her to be able to stay at home with us, when we were little... for as long as she wanted... SO, he worked 3 jobs... and my Mom took care of us... made our house a *home*, and also took care of BOTH sets of our grandparents. My Mom had a lot of respect for my Dad... and tried to always get the most for their money when making purchases for the family.

Anyhow (believe it or not, I AM going somewhere with this! lol), I know I mentioned before, that I would really like to be able to eventually design digital scrapbooking kits.

I thought I would start doing some honest *reviews* of some of my favorite kits... Since therereally aren't too many *reviews* of scrapbooking kits... giving the buyer some sort of comparison guide - telling them exactly what is in the kit...

The way I'm thinking... the more I learn what *Makes a good kit*... the more I'll be able to MAKE that *good kit* once I start designing!

Hope, by Dreams PiecesThis kit contains:60 elements10 Papers

The elements include:1 Turquoise Stone - This is a BEAUTIFUL element... you can see the *veining* in the stone... very pretty!
2 Decorative felt trim ends, embellished with beading and gems. This gives you a very prettyadded touch.
2 Decorative felt pieces with gems - 1 Star, with a star shaped gem, one X shaped, with an ovalgem.1 Double petaled fabric leaf with a thin white satin ribbon tied into a bow.
1 purple butterfly with exceptional details!
8 buttons 2 are hearts (1 is what looks like floral etched metal, one has a weathered look to it) ~ 2 are flower shaped (1 is a matching teal - 1 has a marbleized look with pink and blue) ~ 4 are round. 1 is white with a flower shape inside - 1 is black & white - 2 are metal - a regular shaped button with a *stitched* appearance around it, and the other is an etched metal deer which is LOVELY!
7 Frames - 2 are white wooden frames... 1 is a ripped paper frame... 1 is a crocheted lace frame, 1 green vine (it looks like woven stems... very pretty & UNIQUE!!)... 1teal (embroidery floss?) wrapped and twisted frame, 1 dark teal twisted string frame... this is extremely unique, as it shows the individual pieces of string that have come apart from the twisted string.
1 long piece of ric rac (2500 pixels long!)
1 long piece of dark purple ribbon with tiny embroidered stars (2000 pixels long)
3 small bows - 1 purple satin, 1 pretty black & white (it looks like a black ribbon, stitched inside a white ribbon... very pretty and unique!), and green ribbon.
5 long ribbons - 1 large white satin ribbon with a bow (this is in a *closed* shape, so it *could* beused as an extra frame!), one swirly heart ribbon (teal), 1 long purple (2 shades) stitched andfrayed swirly ribbon, 1 green gingham ribbon tied in a bow, that could also double as an ANOTHER extra frame!
2 hanging hearts - 1 purple - 1 dark teal1 shiny purple twisted metal heart 1 purple stitched yarn heart - this could be used as yet another frame!
13 flowers... there is a great mix of flowers, some are real looking (silk) others are flower shapesmade from sequins, metal, paper & foam. a VERY nice assortment!
1 set of flowers on stems (drawn flowers)
1 set of tall *swirlys* ~ I used these a LOT!
1 pair of greens (graphic)
1 adorable little chicken... (you can't help but smile when you see him! lol)
1 cage
1 stick of bamboo/reed (green)
1 paper boat
1 White on White *polka-dot* bracket (I used this like a clip for my frames & papers)
2 different sets of *scattered beads* - 1 purple, 1 green1 long piece (2500 pixels wide!) of windy string with 4 buttons and a bow
10 papers...
4 purple, 3 teal and 3 green. I can't say enough about these papers... there is anextreme amount of detail in every one... There are worn/discolored, wrinkled, written, ribbed,polka-dot, and even one with butterflies! You will be extremely pleased with this paper pack!
Long and short of it...
Her *regular* price for this kit is VERY reasonable... but if you act now, it's currently on sale in ALL her stores!
You can find the kit for sale at these shops:
DigitalScrapCafe DigiScrappersBrazil ScrapOutsideTheBox
Dream's Pieces has packed a TON of goodies into this carefully combined kit! There are a LOT of versatile elements... good for feminine and also masculine layouts (that's VERY hard to find packed into one kit!). You won't find a bunch of re-colored elements and papers in this kit... EVERY element AND paper is UNIQUE to itself!
Thanks for taking the time to read! :o)

It really does... It seems like just yesterday when I was accepted to be a part of a CT for Dream's Pieces... and now... I feel like I've known her all my life! :o)

I think I've come a long way since I started with Cintia... I am extremely greatful for everything she's taught me... She even made another new kit... and actually... (okay, I'm tearing up! lol) she actually NAMED it after me! How awesome is THAT!!
Here's a preview of her newest kit; "Hope";

You can find the kit for sale at these shops:

DigitalScrapCafe DigiScrappersBrazil ScrapOutsideTheBox

She's also posted a couple of quickpages I made for her on her blog as a freebie! You can grab them by stopping over on her blog for the link! (click on preview for link to her blog!)

Happy Sunday (with my FIRST Freebie!!)POSTED BY MOEJOE ON SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2009/ COMMENTS: (0)

Here's a freebie for you!


The password for this file is: July

Holy Canoli... What a DAY!!


I thought the other day my head was spinning with the good news of being chosen to be a part of Dream's Pieces Creative time... Well, today had my heart beating so hard and fast I thought it was going to jump out of my chest!

Not only is she a fabulous designer... but she has such a kind & giving heart!! I had shown her a QP I did (which was done the wrong way! lol Trust me... it was BAD! LOL) and she took the time to make a tutorial for me, to show me the proper way to do them. If that wasn't enough... she's put them in her store! How AWESOME is THAT!!

So... without any further adieu...

If you like it... and want to buy it... go ahead and click on the picture, and it will take you to her store!

She has it at two of her other stores as well... here are the links to those. :o)

Scrap Outside the Boxor Scrappity-doo-dah

Well... NEXT on the list, is an A-DORABLE little kit called *Perfect World, by Dream's Pieces*. This has the CUTEST little graphics I've ever seen! You really can't appreciate how much detail are in the papers too...

and here is the layout I made with her kit!

I WILL post about why/how this has such a PROFOUND meaning to me someday soon... I promise... (I need to tell Cintia/Dream's Pieces too) but right now... I am REALLY overwhelmed with how AWESOME God is... how FAITHFUL He is... when I am SO undeserving... All I can say right now is...
Thank you AGAIN, Jesus. :o)


I can't believe it... I really did it! I'm just TOO excited about this!

I started digital scrapbooking a few months ago... I guess you could say I sortof *bumped* into it... while looking for some photoshop tutorials. Someone should've warned me about how much FUN it is to digi-scrap! I had never done *real* scrapbooking before, I was perfectly fine with those old photo albums... or keeping my pictures in an old shoebox... lol Sad... but true!

Anyhoo... I've really grown to love doing it (now THAT is an understatement! lol), and I've read all about applying to be on a CT (Creative Team) for Digi-Scrap Designers... but I've never felt like I was *good enough*, and was too scared to even apply...

Well, I was browsing through the forum at Scrappity-doo-dah (LOVE that name... don't you?! lol), and saw a CT Call from a FABULOUS designer called ~ Dream's Pieces (formally known as Cintia Cafe). If youve never seen her designs... then you seriously need to take a look... because this lady REALLY has talent!! I LOVE her designs!!

I guess between what I've written so far, and the title of this post, you can kinda sortof guess that... I MADE IT!!! This kind soul has decided to take a chance on me!! :::happy.dance::: I can't tell you how honored I am to be able to make some layouts for her... I just can't stop smiling everytime I think about it!

Now... to show off her NEW kit... 'Poem of Love';

This kit is available at a few different stores... click on the store name below, and it will take you to the kit directly!

Digital Scrap Cafe Scrap Outside the Box DigiScrapperBrasil

and here's the layout that I made with her kit... I can't tell you how much I loved working with it!